What Makes Our Candles Different?

Most candles are scented with either fragrance oil or essential, but we do it using all real foods & spices.

Paraffin wax & fragrance oils have been adopted by the candle industry to help streamline production and create an aesthetically pleasing product, but there is growing concern over the safety of these when burned… especially for extended periods of time.

Real ingredients offer an alternative to fragrance oil much like essential oils, but instead of distilling the oils out of the plants, we let them sit in the hot wax to extract their fragrance. Foods and spices like vanilla beans, cinnamon sticks, clove, dried fruit, and others have a rich history behind them, they can shift our mood in seconds, and may even sweep us into a distant memory, forgetting our surroundings all-together. 

The complexity and power behind a fragrance can define an identity, which is why we choose to use ingredient carefully crafted by nature and used by humans for thousands of years.

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