About Bondi Trading Co.

My name is Conor Bondi and this is my candle shop where I make candles with all real ingredients. 

Back in 2020 I started my first candle company, Stoic Light, where I experimented with many different waxes, wicks, fragrances, and vessel types. One thing that stood out to me is that I do not like working with fragrance oil. They’re too potent for me. If I did not wear a mask I would feel nauseous and later develop a headache. 

My departure from fragrance oil came about naturally through my search to find the perfect vanilla scent. I tried using synthetic vanillas, vanilla extract and even vanilla essential oil, but I wasn’t sold on any of them. Finally, I ordered the real vanilla beans and when I used them for the first time, it was a whole new experience!

Now, instead of feeling like I’m dealing with toxic chemicals, I make a batch of candles with dried fruits & spices, which I can be fully consumed by their aroma without feeling nauseous or have to wear a mask.

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