Our Candles

Our candles are made with the carefully crafted blend of beeswax & coconut oil. Beeswax is the clear winner for having the longest burn times, while coconut oil works as an emulsifier, helping to tie the natural aromas to the beeswax. 

No fragrance oil, paraffin wax, or lead wicks are ever used in Bondi Trading Co products. The candles we provide are fragranced with real ingredients like vanilla bean, cinnamon sticks, dried citrus; and sometimes, essential oils.

The reason why I started using real ingredients came from a search for the perfect vanilla scent. After discovering that the perfect vanilla fragrance comes from actual vanilla beans, I haven’t really gone back to using fragrance oil; and also, haven’t even got around to experimenting with essential oils... 

Like any art form, it’s a challenging to create candles with real ingredients. Today, it seems only “homemade” candles are scented this way, and I can see why. If you are a large scale candle business... it's a business, so you want a consistent product with streamlined production. Paraffin wax and fragrance oils help accomplish this; while the alternatives, like essential oils, soy, or beeswax, are more costly and labor intensive.

So, if you’re tired of overly scented candles, paraffin wax, and just want something more natural to burn inside your home, check out our "Just Be Real" candle collection. My name is Conor Bondi, owner, and thank you for taking to time to check out Bondi Trading Co! 

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